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"I want my products to be not just one of the content you ignore on social media, but one of those that leave you with something more."

People have always loved to hear stories. And we still do. That is one of the things that I believe will never change. Especially today, when in the flood of short content, no one really focuses on it.

We all create just to get attention and compete for likes and comments, forgetting the message.

And that's where I think I'm different. Yes, there are a lot of people who know how to shoot good quality video, use lights for beautiful light and know film techniques.

But where I think I can be better is in the storytelling aspect, which I love about my work.
With every project, I always focus first on what we want to communicate and what emotions we want to evoke in the viewer. I want my products to be not just one of those pieces of content that you ignore on social media, but one of those pieces of content that leaves you with something more.

And I love working with people who appreciate that kind of work. You can find out more in the video above.

Opinions of the parties

  • "We made two videos and the expectations were exceeded. The shoot was relaxed and fun, but professional. I would absolutely recommend it."
    - Besart Zeqiri, House of Brivts Ljubljana
  • "The first spot we shot with Ažbet was a really top experience. I didn't really know what to expect, but we had a lot of fun, there was a relaxed vibe, everything went well. In the end it was one top project. I am looking forward to further cooperation!"
    - Matic Pavlič
  • "Ažbe is, simply put, one of the most relaxed people you can work with. He is extremely creative and open to learning. He is willing to help and do what really sets him apart from others at his age. Definitely the future of Slovenian film-making."
    - Aljaž Lukan, creator at 916Hub
  • "We were extremely satisfied with Ažbet, who was very professional and always available for any advice we needed. We were very impressed with his product, as he took into account all our wishes and ideas!"
    - Taja Pipan, representative of BK Medvode
  • "Working with Azbet is the dream of everyone who steps in front of the camera. Relaxed, flexible, respectful and with great ideas. Every shoot with him goes by quickly."
    - Adam Jakupovic

Opinions of the parties

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Copyright©2024 by Ažbe Železnik.
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